Rhythm of Life

imaginarygarden Following a Thread – Weekend MIni Challenge Imagined By
“The prompt today is to think of some narrative when writing your poem. Your poem does not need to directly tell a story–though it can–but whatever you write about, try to follow through on its thread; even let that thread lead you, though it may not have a clear sense of where it is going!”


We got it at the green stamp store.
Grandpa put a small shelf on the wall
in the living room and placed upon it
the black and faux gold clock. I would
watch the pendulum swing back and forth
unaware time was ticking away. I’ve learned
since the steady beat to life, faint, drowning
under the din of progress. Now,time flashes in
digital hubris, trendy fonts. One shape morphing
into another. But, rhythm keeps me grounded.
My clock sits on the bookshelf in my reading room.
Underneath the hum of air conditioning, TV
in the den, I can hear its steady, comforting tic-tic
setting the pace, reminding me I live one second
at a time. One secondhand lurch of being,
of possibility. Tic tic tic tic…




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8 responses to “Rhythm of Life

  1. That sound of seconds leaving… yes I think it tells us something, something of passing…

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  2. A lovely story and very wise sort of moral. Thanks, Debi–I should try to live more like that–I seem to focus on the lurching part! k.

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  3. I have two old clocks that require winding with a key every day — they tick and tick and tock, and I can’t imagine my house without that sound.

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  4. I am lately fascinated by clocks, since reading some fairy tale retellings and noticing their prominence in them. I love the use of sounds in your story — I do think, like the ticking of the clock, our whole lives can be framed and woven by them. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. I love the little details in here. They all add sharp and precise imagery, much like the ticking of a clock.

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  6. Jim

    Nicely written, progresses right along. We can be sure the clock will keep on ticking time away as long as it isn’t broke or didn’t get wound. Mrs. Jim and I inherited some clocks, one is an 1800 English floor clock. I have a windup wall clock hanging in my ‘office’.

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  7. Love clock stories. We have an old grandfather’s clock in the living room. Sometimes it seems to tick louder and louder, when there is no other sound
    in the room.

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