Waiting for Richard

mindlovemisery Tell me so I can tell you prompt by Oloriel

“For the prompt, I want you to look at this painting (or the painting of your choice) and describe it to me: just simply describe what is there.
Try to not use any comparisons or excessive adjectives, or even imputing a personal opinion when describing the items. The idea is to list them and name them, in a way you see fit, in an order you see fit.”


*Image found HERE


Crab fresh from the sea, caught by Dinsby’s boy this morning, served on Richard’s mother’s blue ware. A nice contrast I thought, though she would have criticized my choice. A stand of lemons, one peeled, to squeeze upon the meat. A glass of buttery chardonnay pairs perfectly. Crusty bread and a side of mixed vegetables will be filling. Concord grapes, a simple, sweet dessert to cleanse the palate.

I stand back and view the tablescape. The butter knife, with its modern ceramic pattern is a bit jarring but Richard and I received it as a wedding gift from cherished friends. It adds a touch of home though we are far away. The only thing I add are his books and a tankard as a bookend. Perhaps after he has dined, Richard will read some poetry to me by the hearth fire’s warm glow.



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11 responses to “Waiting for Richard

  1. You know…your words sound so much appealing than the picture, and the picture is beautiful! I long to taste that “buttery chardonnay” and “crusty bread” with lemon flavoured crab meat. Poetry at the end of such a meal…appealing.

    I think you nailed your prompt!


  2. I must agree with Risa. I would have never in real life considered this scenery and outlay a meal of my taste, but you make it sound so appealing. I also loved the possibility of poetry awaiting the narrator at the end, I though that was such a nice touch to the story.
    From reading, what I could clearly see and feel and what was definitely evoked was atmosphere. I saw this as happening in some remote cottage by the sea, there is so much light and warmth felt. I though of a nest.
    Thank you very much for participating in the prompt and I hope you had fun writing!


  3. Great response Debi what I like is the different responses to the same image…and yes like the others I am left feeling hungry…well done.

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  4. Khaya Ronkainen

    Wow, you’ve executed this challenge so well. And what a beautiful ending with the last sentence!


  5. I like where you went with this. Giving a unique life to the illustration.
    I’m always challenged by ‘instructions’ …

    I had a mini mash and a bit of a rebellion 😉
    Ghostly Visitation on the Table

    Easy to believe autumn has arrived when the morning starts out at 50 F.
    Cheers, Jules


  6. I love your “tablescape” and wish I was a guest! I really miss The Mag, which had artistic prompts every Sunday.


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