Swimming the Jet Stream

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“Today, I want you to write a poem of exactly 44 words (not counting your title), including the word cloud.”


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There’s a swift wind blowing

fluffy clouds across the sky

herding them, urging them,

as eastward they fly.

I think it would be lovely,

a fantastical whim,

to swim that flow with them

dipping up and dipping down

high above to the starry rim.






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23 responses to “Swimming the Jet Stream

  1. The very thought makes my tummy queasy! Love the poem to bits though, just not the thought of flying.


  2. A whimsical cloud quadrille that really floats – it’s that gentle rhyme!


  3. I enjoyed the sound of reading this. I also liked the idea of swimming with the clouds.


  4. I would love it, absolutely ~ Love the whimsy flow Debi ~


  5. Yep. Flying through the clouds. I’m in.


  6. Indeed, to swim through the clouds would be glorious.


  7. The thought if wind a shepherd of clouds is amazing… love that.

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  8. How wonderful it would be to soar with the birds…it seems like the perfect metaphor for freedom. Lovely

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  9. Love the idea of the wind herding the clouds. Delight.


  10. I love the image of fluffy clouds being herded across the sky ❤️ to soar along would be so amazing! Beautiful work done, Debi ❤️

    Lots of love,

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  11. Love this! Awesome use of rhyme, and I LOVE the idea of “herding” clouds!

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  12. to swim that flow with them
    dipping up and dipping down
    high above to the starry rim.

    Certainly would have been fun to be up there surveying the activities below leisurely like a bird


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  13. Ah, to be able to fly along the jet stream with the clouds…a soul freedom that we can only imagine with these “grounded” bodies of ours. Lovely, Debi.

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  14. I would love this too ‘to swim that flow with them – dipping up and dipping down high above to the starry rim’ :o)

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  15. Woah. I enjoyed the presence of “movement” in this lovely piece. 🙂

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  16. oh, i want to get lost in your starry night!!


  17. such a very nice moving and floating feeling! ❤


  18. I would would swim in a sea of clouds, I’d be a dolphin


  19. THis is fantastical and whimsical and I like reciting your poem aloud. Lovely rhythm and soound here, Debi. 🙂

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  20. Oh how perfect! swimming with clouds. Love it.

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