The Ghost of October

imaginarygarden  October in the Chair  Imagined By Magaly Guerrero
“I invite you to turn October into a poem. Is your October a girl? Does he smile like a boy? Is October a feeling that kisses the back of your neck… and reminds you of your dead? What does October look like to you? Show me in poetry.”


The last of the cherry tomatoes drop
wrinkled and soft to the ground
a treasure trove for chipmunks
and other scurrying things. I frosted
the vines and wilted the flower heads,
scattering seeds of marigold upon
the waiting soil. I’ve sprinkled leaves
across the yard in gold and rust and orange
confetti. I’ve still so much to do to get ready
before the jack-o-lantern’s leering face
greets the trick or treaters. I’ve dressed
myself in taffeta rustling as I move
around the corners of the houses
with a whispery, windy boo.






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11 responses to “The Ghost of October

  1. oh i luv the October sounds you have included with such sharp imagery

    Thanks for dropping by to read mine

    much love…

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  2. I especially love the way October makes herself busy… an image that works so well.

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  3. This is wonderful. I can see the whole scene and hear that leafy rustle.

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  4. This is freaking yummy! I love the sight of the wrinkly fruit and the colorful leaves… And I ADORE the last three lines. Deliciously spooky.

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  5. Jim

    October moves swiftly, right, Debi? It’s fun chasing her through here. At our house, not only Halloween but my BDay comes before that. All as the month ends in gaiety and revelry.
    I didn’t know that you could grow marigold from seeds of “upon
    the waiting soil.” Do rabbits eat the plants and flowers? They ate literally all of our pansies last winter. Like sheep grazing the pasture faster than the grass can grow.


  6. You are too good for words! Excellent poem, Debi. I’m proud of you.


  7. October is a sad month, but your poem makes it seem to be fun.


  8. can imagine everything so clearly!! epic! ❤


  9. She is a delightful ghost with the most colorful haunting.

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