The Bridge

                                 dverse Haibun  Monday #24 Posted by “So for this haibun challenge, write about the bridge from the first person- either as a physical object, metaphor or perhaps a person who has been a bridge in your life. As its also halloween, you can write about that bridge between life and death.   Let’s use the bridge of our imagination!”


He said, “Come on over.” But the chasm between was too wide, too deep. I could see no way to go. I said, “You come to me.” He shook his head, said “Jump.” But the risk was all on my side. We turned and walked along the cliff until ahead we saw a bridge. He called, “Come.” I said, “Meet me halfway.” He shook his head, “No, no compromise.” I sighed, walked the entire length and passed him standing there.

One bridge to connect
two forces torn apart.
Pride hampers the way.



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11 responses to “The Bridge

  1. Sadly when pride is on the way, we can’t meet halfway and the bridge of communication and relationship breaks apart. Good one Debi ~

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  2. When the willingness to connect is missing no bridge can carry you across. Very well written.


  3. Sometimes meeting half-way is not possible… too often it’s less because of the bridge, but pride as you say… love the symbolism here.

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  4. It’s not always all or nothing, but then again, once bridged, twice shy.


  5. Pride is the great destroyer of bridges isn’t it!!


  6. Pride is the chasm that keeps us apart. Sadly, sometimes we’d rather ensure the chasm than look for the bridge.

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  7. This is so beautiful and poignant both at the same time, Debi ❤️ I agree, sometimes even though a bridge is present.. two people can not cross over until and unless they re willing to do so. Love “Pride hampers the way” Beautifully penned (as always) ❤️

    Lots of love,


  8. So often a dilemma we face…your haiku is right on.


  9. Love the story and I am so glad that she didn’t compromise. Anything that is built on only one person bending down, is bound to give misery and heartache.


  10. I love that in the end she passed him by. Sometimes it is best to give overly-prideful people a miss, isn’t it. Great haibun.


  11. Yes, she did not compromise one bit!


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