The Eyes Have It

imaginary garden Fireblossom Friday : “The Distorted Lens”
So, your task is to write from the point of view of someone who is seeing reality through a distorted lens.


Pink Girl and Blue Boy
(Mom’s ceramic phase)
sat on the dresser
ignored for the most part
I didn’t like them
but … well, Mom made them.

I picked them up, dusting beneath
then placed them back carelessly,
started to walk away. I felt eyes on
my back, chills on my flesh,
evil in the room and looked behind.

They were glaring at me. I felt their
hate, their spite. I told them it wasn’t
me who had imprisoned them there.
They just glared, nostrils flared,
I was scared to death. Death was in

their minds. I walked back and with
a swipe of my hand swept them to
the tiled floor. Swept up the mess
as my husband ran up the stairs.
You okay, he asked. I told him what

had happened. I didn’t understand
the strange look in his eyes. It began
to be perfectly clear though. Disembodied
spirits like to choose their own hosts.
I’m going to watch him really close.




25 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It

  1. kaykuala

    spirits like to choose their own hosts.
    I’m going to watch him really close.

    It is scary knowing one is so vulnerable and knowing it can be triggered off from or by someone so dear!



  2. Infection only needs a crack, the tiniest of openings, to work its way in and commence devouring it all. Infected minds can tell just where that infection comes from, either, nor how to treat it. Great response to Fireblossom’s challenge.

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