A Serendipitous Serenity


Tree tops swaying in the breeze
to music the stars hum
Grasses nodding their heads in unison
as the wind nudges from behind
White capped waves undulating endlessly
Flock of starlings weaving like marching bands
Schools of fishes dancing to choreography
those delicate movements move me
(woolgathering, wasting time, laziness,
some think, some say, some sneer)
though I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the grace,
the beauty, the spontaneity. Maybe it’s just
that it tickles the jejune, surprises the jaded,
astonishes the negativity that grows in me
year by weary year of man kindled nastiness.
All I know is that my heart slows down,
the heaviness lifts, the years roll away
and I am a big-eyed child of wonder again.

2 thoughts on “A Serendipitous Serenity

  1. Hmmmm….I’ve seen ‘jejune’ somewhere else recently… But had to look it up again. 🙂
    Nice little word there. Oh, to be that big-eyed child of wonder to help us plod the headlines.
    I would so rather to look out the window than be bombarded by the daily news.
    Maybe it is immature, or maybe it is mature…
    Lovely little verse.

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