And They Say it was A Better World


imaginarygarden Rhubarb Imagined By Paul John Dear

You set me up for a fall
I thought you knew
what you said was true
propaganda was in foreign
places, faces here I could trust
“And that’s the way it is”
wasn’t always so
and the good guys didn’t
always win.
Woman’s place wasn’t after all
in the kitchen and bed,
seen but not heard.
The cold war, Vietnam,
Kennedy, King, Nixon…
No wonder I began to doubt


Grew up on Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and other westerns because we lived with our grandfather. Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, and other family shows that gave a skewed version of marriage and equality… etc, etc, and so forth. Sorry this turned depressing.

18 thoughts on “And They Say it was A Better World

  1. The theme tune of Bonanza is ringing in my head now. The genre had some memorable archetypes, perhaps not suitable for the modern age but I can’t help having a lingering affection for those epic landscapes and galloping horses.

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  2. The poem I didnt post for this prompt was about how our family watched Father Knows Best on Sunday nights – such a perfect world on screen, after the horrors of the violent alcoholic weekends. I dreamed of a life like that and got real life instead. I so resonate with this poem.


  3. I have to say I grew up with some of this TV-series… especially remember the high chaparral…and that tune… cannot say I remember much of the stereotypes but i’m sure they were there. What I remember most that all boys wanted to be Manolito when we played.

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  4. High Debi. I liked reading this though it didn’t have a fairy tale end. We didn’t have TV at home when i grew up. My dad was rough on me, even after he got religion. Things did ease for Mom though.
    Didn’t you grow up with the generation that questioned everything, even the Law? I was a late bloomer but did join in. A regular work force person by day and a hippie by night and weekend.


  5. shame the magic did not last but the shadow of white hat vs black hats remains and so the cowboys always win. I dig out “Shane” when I want to summon more innocent times

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