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Fear, Mayhem, Stir, Repeat

“North Korean Nuclear Test Draws U.S. Warning of ‘Massive Military Response’”

It used to be the red threat, cold war,
be suspicious of your neighbor,
duck and cover. Ha. Like arms crossed
over head, head in knees could protect
radiation fallout.

Thanks world for the phobic childhood.

Tear Down This Wall! Safety. At last.
Mash was just a TV sitcom
and it cuts like a knife
my grandkids and Kim Jong-un.

Thanks world for the phobic childhood.

The Ash Borer

dverse Open Link Night # 202 Posted by Bodhirose
Insidiously, silently, they worked in darkness
Burrowing, eating, until there was no hope
Still it took a long time until the damage
revealed itself in bare limbs and stripped bark
twigs and branches scattered on the ground
at the whim of every passing breath of wind.

And so, the tree was felled, cut into logs,
loaded into the back of a pick-up, then stored
for fire wood this winter.
In the dying it fed and in death warmed.

Life goes on. And should I curse the ash-borer
for doing what comes naturally? I pretend that
before the first bite a prayer was offered asking
the gods’ forgiveness for partaking of the tree’s life.
And I thanked the tree for its sacrifice of warmth
a provision of God’s forethought.

Is this maybe just to curb the queasiness
at our survival at another’s expense? And yet
it seems right in the end to be aware that
life is life and never take it for granted.
There is a hole, a void where the ash tree stood
and generations of birds, squirrels, will never
know the safety of its arms. I’ll never feel again
the comfort of its shade or the pleasure of
watching its swaying leaves in the breeze.

And its roots remain embedded in the soil
and the stump rises like a headstone. Here
stood a living thing. Be thankful.

Peak of the Perseids


imaginarygarden Meme Imagined By Rommy
“grab a nearby book and flip to a specific page to find a quote that represents your love life. You have the choice of going to either page 13 and picking the 7th sentence or page 7 and picking out the 13th sentence to use as your inspiration for your poem.”

Maybe it should have been
a sign, an omen,
that it was too beautiful,
too spectacular, too unearthly,
to last.  Or maybe that it was
too predictable, not a once
in a life time event,
not a heart stopping moment
never to be experienced again
just like when we kissed.
Of course we would kiss.
Who could resist
the stars like arrows
from Cupid’s bow…
even though they missed
I’m glad we kissed.


“During the peak of the Perseids, around August 12th, hundreds of ‘shooting’ or ‘falling’ stars streak the sky every hour.” The Bonesetter’s Daughter, Amy Tan



Eclipsed By Peace

I didn’t watch the eclipse
rather I sat on the patio
and watched the twilight
sneak across the yard.
Strange shadows grew
the temperature dropped
crickets sang, the birds
were silent and still.
It was timeless for a time
tranquil, a little unreal
and a beau ideal of eternity.


Written for gardengnomes with Walt Wojtanik and shared with
realtoads The Tuesday Platform Imagined By Marian