Sun Stroked Beach Dreams


adashofsunny Prompt Nights – Take me to the Ocean [7]



The sand under my body scrrrr
itches in places I can’t reach
a fish shaped kite flllllll
uttering in the blue sky
line of waves SwoooSHing
to shore sure as night follows day
dreams carry me across the sea
scape of white caps and surf
bored into my drowsy thoughts
like longshore current drift
wood on the beach bleached white
by a hot Tropic of Cancer
causing sun stroked dreams.


Lying on a beach towel listening to the surf and watching the activities of a busy beach while the heat slowly makes me drowsy and my thoughts blur and drift crazily. That is what I’m trying to make you feel with this reworked poem.


14 thoughts on “Sun Stroked Beach Dreams

  1. You succeeded your goal with this one; incredible sense of place–reminding me that closing one’s eye near the sea, with earth as mother, is return to the womb, & beyond that to the emergence of life itself from the sea.

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